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Staying at a Kyo-Machiya♪
For a truly unique experience on your next trip to Kyoto, why not stay in a Machiya, a Kyoto-style town house?
Step into your own private retreat in Kyoto, complete with the personal warmth of a visit to your relatives’ house… A Machiya combines the cleanliness and high standards of a modern hotel with the calming atmosphere of a ryokan, a traditional Japanese-style inn… The best place to experience both at the same time is here, in one of Aoi’s currently six Machiya, traditional Japanese town houses. You don’t need to change your whole perception of what a holiday accommodation feels like and all your worries are taken care of by the Aoi staff.
Not only can you enjoy the charm of a Machiya building itself but also the well-kept and neat garden. Entering inside you will find a variety of furniture and equipment personally selected by the proprietress herself. Other furniture like the old Korean wooden chest (from the Yi Dynasty) and novelty while maintaining the charming esthetic. The walls all still have their traditional finish and are made of mortar and mud and sliding doors covered with handmade Japanese paper are used inside. Soft and smooth towels from Imabari are provided and add to the pleasant atmosphere of being surrounded by all natural materials. It all adds up to a rich experience – you can relax both your body and soul. At Aoi, you will always be warmly greeted not like a customer but like an old friend…

◆ 葵 KYOTO STAY http://www.kyoto-stay.jp/